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Groundwork First Responder Support

Groundwork Counseling has a long history of supporting first responders with their mental health. Founder and Clinical Director Crystal Foster has been a consultant for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) community since 2012. In part this is due to her personal ties to the field; her husband was a first responder in Monroe County for seven years. It is also based on Crystal’s passion to support the people who put themselves at risk to support our community. Prior to founding Groundwork Counseling in 2018, she worked extensively as a community-based therapist for families who had experienced a traumatic loss, domestic violence, and community violence. Since expanding her private practice, her focus has been to increase access to counseling services for first responders. This has included building and training a specialized team within the practice to meet the specific needs of the first responders’ community.

Groundwork is proud to partner with Monroe Ambulance, Perinton Ambulance, Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance and CHS Mobile Integrated Healthcare to offer this program to their employees.

Who We Are

Groundwork Counseling is a private therapy practice partnering with first responders’ employers to provide prioritized assessment and linkage to mental health services. We also provide counseling services to first responders on an individual basis.


Groundwork has a team of therapists with expertise in treating PTSD, Complex PTSD, and general mental health concerns related to preexisting conditions or general life stressors.


All of these team members have experience working with first responders.


What makes us different from Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Our therapists have backgrounds and professional development with first responder mental health in mind. We require not only specialized training, but ride time as well.

Our therapists are available for short term or long term therapy.

Because we are local and invested in the long-term mental health of our community, all services are provided by counselors who care specifically about Monroe County First Responders.

How To Get Started

Employees from Monroe Ambulance , Perinton Ambulance, Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance or CHS Mobile Integrated Health are referred through a process created by their employer. This referral process will designate the number of therapy sessions and allow access to the financial coverage for the expedited consultation.


If you think your employees could benefit from these services and you would like to set up a referral program, please contact us.

First responders from the community are also welcome to contact us to be connected to a therapist.

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