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Therapy for Therapists

There are no bigger advocates for therapy than therapists themselves. Everyday we see the benefits clients receive by taking the time to process past experiences and getting support around daily stressors. As human beings, we all need this. As people who take on other people’s trauma on a nearly daily basis, therapists really need this. 

So why is it so daunting for a therapist to find a therapist? Well, for starters, we can be pretty challenging clients. We need someone who can help us bridge what we know professionally and who we are personally. That is no small task. No wonder this has led to a huge gap in our field. 

In the hopes of making this easier for other therapists, we asked ourselves: when we sit down for therapy, who do we want across from us? It came down to experience and openness. 

All of the therapists selected for this program have provided support to other therapists coping with the day-to-day stressors of our profession that occur in and out of the office. They all have extensive experience in the field, ranging from seven to thirty years. Each of them has supervised therapists in a clinical setting for several years, and they all have formal training in Reflective Supervision. Although this is usually used in a supervisor/supervisee setting, a key part of the modality is a focus on active listening and thoughtful questioning by both parties. Because they have supervised other therapists using this modality, they are not intimidated by others’ knowledge and are open to questions and discussions. 

Don’t put off connecting with your own therapist any longer. Contact us for a free consultation to help determine which of our therapists may be right for you. 

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